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At ShelfCompany.org we provide exceptional service to our clients and simplify an otherwise complicated process. With services including Trust and Super Fund establishment as well as secretarial services, our clients value us for our quality documentation and friendly, professional service.

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Our directors and associates are lawyers and auditors, qualified to complete your company and “business registration” in a fast and professional manner. With a big staff members dedicated solely to the registration of companies, we are in a league of our own.


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ShelfCompany.org is here to assist the staff of accounting and legal practises with new company registrations, acquire a pre-registered company, and outsource the preparation of company secretarial documentation.

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The Truth about Offshore and Shelf Companies

Author: Gemma Goodward Thanks to movies like “The Firm”, “Wall Street” and countless others, there are huge misconceptions and urban myths regarding shelf corporations, offshore business structures and other forms of ready-made companies. I am not saying that in some capacity some less than honest business executives have used these...

Is it a good move to buy a shelf company?

Author: Mia Cusack A shelf company, also called a shelf corporation or aged corporation, is a company that was set up with the intent to age without being used – there are no activities. Metaphorically spoken, the company was created just to sit on a “shelf” and wait to be sold whenever it “aged” enough. Why? Some entrepreneurs...

Offshore Shelf Companies

Author: John Media Offshore Shelf Companies Our offshore shelf companies (ready made off-shore companies) were incorporated specifically for our clients who want a ready made offshore shelf company for immediate use. The following services are included with the purchase of a shelf company: • Transfer of company share • Assistance in opening of a bank...

How effective it is to buy a Singapore Shelf Company?

Author: bryan wong A lot of foreign entrepreneurs prefer to buy a shelf company in Singapore to enter the market. They feel that is the best way to setup their business presence in Singapore and for a lot of them, it is the fastest way to enter Singapore. For those who are still unaware of what a Singapore Shelf Company means, simply put, it is a company...

How Shelf Companies Help With Small Business Loans

Author: Bobbi Clavon When starting a new business or growing an existing one, you might need to apply for business loans, corporate credit cards and or lines of credit from lenders. Lenders will not consider approval of loan applications unless the corporation start date is more than three years and in many cases more than five years. A shelf company can...

Brief Guide to Buy A Singapore Shelf Company

Author: Robert Fogarty When you determine to function a corporation as the business structure for your new company, proposed that you purchase a shelf company. You might encounter difficult to understand what this means. If so, here is a brief guide who should clear things up for you. Singapore shelf company refer to off-the-shelf companies is a company...

Jump Start New Businesses with Shelf Companies

Author: joseph robinson Starting a business can be an overwhelming process, but we can streamline the process allowing you to focus on your growing business. We will take care of the paperwork, filing deadlines and details of your incorporation and be there as your business grows for all your post incorporation needs. Shelf companies (readi-made) are...

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